Award for Equal Business Park B

Award for Equal Business Park B

22 February 2018

Equal Business Park B was awarded with a distinction in the Property Design Awards 2018 event during 4 Design Days in Katowice

The event took place on 15th March. The jury assessed the projects, which were completed in 2017. The competition included two main categories: architecture and interior design. Our building was awarded with a prize in the category Architecture of Office Buildings. The prize is the second one granted to Equal Business Park B office complex. In December 2017, the building, designed by Cavatina & Partners was awarded the title of the Best Office Building and the Grand Prix prize, in the contest Atut Krakowa, organized by the municipality of Krakow and Eurobuild Conferences magazine.

“We are very proud of the distinction received during Property Design Awards. Cavatina & Partners, our architectural studio is a young, dynamic and growing company. This is only the second building that we have completed and it has already received two awards in two contests. We count on more! We have something to boast about in Warsaw and Wroclaw.” – Piotr JasiƄski, Director, Cavatina & Partners.