Complex project of redevelopment and revitalisation of 15 hectares of Bielsko-Biała down-town.

The project aim is transforming busy 3rd May and Zamkowa Streets into the main city parkway and Wojska Polskiego Street (a former market square) into a main public space of the city. Moreover, a historic block tenant-houses architecture of Cyniarska and Mostowa Streets will be rebuilt.

Works around 3rd May and Zamkowa Streets will include moving of the long distance traffic route into a road tunnel merged with an existing railway tunnel. The extra space gained above the tunnel will be used to build a walkway connecting Esperanto Square with Chrobrego, Teatralny and Żwirki i Wigury Squares. These changes will create a unique urban space encompassed by historic architecture including Sułkowscy Castle, Polish Theater, Polish Post building, President Hotel, Old Factory museum and Karol Korn tenant houses.

Revitalisation of Wojska Polskiego Street (former market square) includes demolition of overground parking, rebuilding of the square surface, introducing green areas and small architecture and building an underground parking lot. These actions will aim at restoring the representational role of former Biała Square.

Rebuilding the original architecture between Biała river and Cyniarska and Mostowa Streets will require demolition of Klimczok shopping mall (a derelict 80’s development) together with a part of the former Finex factory. In the regained space the traditional down-town block architecture will be restored and important public function development will be introduced ie. opera house, philharmonic or museum building.

The project includes versatile analysis including the following areas: traffic, public transport, space availability, historical context, redefinition of public spaces, developing new architecture, pedestrian routes and green areas.