The built environment consists both of singular buildings and the setting. A successful built environment consists of and is the outcome of well-designed buildings which embrace and enhance the setting. Cavatina & Partners consider the way in which a building is designed and the context of a building to have an essential and necessary relationship. The context may be as varied as small infill urban sites, building alterations and extensions just as much as projects of significant scale, parkland or out-of-town, gateway or fringe. Each of these varied conditions provides our clients with different business challenges. It is our pleasure to contribute to successful business outcomes which address these challenges.

Design Excellence

We have an underlying focus on the Client’s objectives that drives excellence in our service and excellence in our output. This means that regardless of the size of the project:

  • we understand our Client’s objectives and contribute to a succesful business outcome based on these objectives
  • we communicate our Client’s objectives, through a range of presentation methods, whatever is most effective, whether it is for statutory stakeholders, joint venture partners or contractors.

Design Services

We are proud to offer full design services, including:

  • Feasibility Studies and appraisals of opportunities such as, but not limited to Land/Property Acquisition
  • Concept Design and exploration of alternative design approaches to the brief
  • Scheme Design for the engagement and approval by municipal & regulatory authorities
  • Technical Design for clients and contractors to enable construction costs and buildability to be determined
  • Construction Support during the process of construction

Design Experience

Our business has experience and expertise in a variety of building typologies and can offer specialist insight to our clients on the local conditions of key building sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Residential. Bespoke Homes, Low Density Housing, Rural, Suburban & Multi-Unit Urban Housing.
  • Retail. Boutique Interiors, Mall, Mixed Use and Retail Parks.
  • Office. Refurbishment and New-Build, City Centre and Out-of-Town.
  • Mixed Use. Including Masterplanning services.

Design Value-Added

We harness innovation in order to be effective and to add value. Examples of this are:

  • BIM. Our team are advanced in the use of Building Information Modelling and 3d workflows.
  • Employing Experts in their field, whether it is in design or project delivery disciplines.
  • Experience in Sustainable design and best practice.