Start of the Tischnera Office construction

Start of the Tischnera Office construction

5 December 2017

Cavatina Holding started a construction of the Tischnera Office building. Gross leasing area of the building -situated in southern Kraków is 34 thousand square metres. The building was designed by Cavatina & Partners architect Piotr Jasiński.

The Building was designed in a distinctive horseshoe shape, with a courtyard located on top of the ground floor garage, facing the sunlight of the south side. The structure of the Building consists of 10 storeys with terraces designed on the southern side, from the third floor up. The Building is located on Tischner Street, with an arcade, of a 2-storey height, crowning the doorway and the main entrance of the Building.

The underground floors, creating the parking area, were designed on the contour of the Building, with small extensions to the north and south. The entrance to the underground parking lot of the Building, is situated in the south-west corner of the plot.